November 15, 2016

James Otto:

sounds like JUDGE BERG’s neighborhood? did you know MR ROGERS neighborhood on tv that he was a major SNIPER ? so with roger and me the movie they showed that african jumping around with is rifle like he is the african version of MR RODGERS and the cops shot him in the movie roger and ME!!!! then they had the two guys of berg nail a female backing into her garage via driveway the other story listed… KEY is TWO MALES and DRIVE WAY out back!!! then find another story on outerdrive? retired detroit cop reading the news hears noise out back he gets his guns and finds to african teens breaking into his home and he shoots one and he runs away and the other teen allows the OLD MAN to hold him at gun point as the wounded ran away… ALL IN THE JUDGE BERG’s AREA…… TRAINING SCHOOL for colin powell attack units seen driving around ann arbor, too!!!! KNOW YOUR HAITI ENEMY and TOO ARMS!!!!

New Article:

Man shot, killed in his driveway on Detroit’s east side

DETROIT (WXYZ) – Police say one man is dead after being shot in his own driveway, behind his home.

Investigators were called to the 18000 block of Gruebner near 7 Mile and Outer Drive around 12:15 a.m.

Police say the victim’s wife heard her husband pulling into the driveway and park in the backyard. She was at the door unlocking it when she heard several gunshots. That’s when she ran outside and found her husband on the driveway, according to police. She then reportedly saw the suspect on a cell phone, yelling.

She ran back into the house, locked the doors and called 911.

Police say the two men got into a shootout in the driveway. The 38-year-old suspect was later found on Gruebner with multiple gunshot wounds and taken to the hospital where he is currently listed in serious condition, according to police. Police say he will be charged in the homicide.

Family members on the scene tell 7 Action News the victim, a man in his 40s, and his wife lived at the home for about 10 years.

The victim’s step-son tells us he was a family-oriented man, very mild mannered and lovable father. The violent death has shocked the family.

A gun was also found on him at the scene, according to police.

No additional details have been released at this time.



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