November 15, 2016

James Otto:

The girl in the back seat said he was trying to save her from the cops who were going to injure her. It is like that african who kidnapped that 13 yo girl and chained to his toilet and she eventually escaped and ran home and told family after weeks of them seeking her. The cops arrived and seen a clean home and took evidence and the african went to his friend with a COMMUNITY SHOTGUN since the shotgun has no trace bullets and then went to the police station and shot the police!!! they accused him of being a child abuser and rapist and he was trying to save the GIRL in the CARSON ROOM!!!! was oak park going to see a station MASSACRE? just like the assault in dallas texas police station. new morale crusade? or the teen who was taken home bey the police and then the cop was killed bye the teen…. now he is the poster boy for getting out of prison early bye state african senators…

News Article:

Man steals cop car, leads Oak Park police on chase

(WXYZ) – A 39-year-old Detroit man was arrested Tuesday after stealing a police car and leading Oak Park police on a chase.

Police stopped an alleged drunk driver near 8 Mile and Hubbell at about 4 a.m. when they noticed a man lurking around them.

Officers arrested the DUI suspect, put her in the back of a car and returned to their investigation.

Meanwhile, the man broke into the police car and drove away with the woman in the back seat.

The chase moved northbound on Greenfield Avenue, then eastbound on 9 Mile near Ferndale. It ended at a dead end on Albany Street.

Police said the prosecutor’s office will likely submit charges tomorrow. Dashcam was not released pending the investigation.

No one was injured in the pursuit.


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