November 20, 2016

James Otto:

72 olympics the german government offical statement was anger at israel for bringing the muslims to germany and blamed them for the disaster at the games. Israel lost its olympic team and they showed no sympathy. today east german physics teacher MERKEL the chancelor has brought 3 million illegal muslims to germany!!!! will something happen? when east germany fell and the usa got hold of stasi files they found the libyan ambassador paid for the bombing of the LABELLE disco in germany killing very private FORD. Then they located him in turkey many years later to kidnap him for trial. the muslim governments were financing these bombings in europe. Then we know the CORNERSTONES the muslim gang in chicago was paid 3 million bye a MUSLIM libyian ambassador to burn up the communication infrastructure(note7) in chicago. Then they put the muslim cornerstone gang leader back in prison. SO relocation and then employment bye muslim nations to do great harm in the foreigns that welcome them there as illegal refugee’s like east german merkel? IMMIGRATION legal and illegal is HARMS WAY!!! money flows for destructive behavior like FORT HOOD with a immigrant MD shooting christians. Like the muslims kid with the african taylor trying to rob a bank and then waited outside a sub shop like puget sound and captured and tortured a drummer with two subs. they took his car and to an abandon home in detroit and tortured him and then got is PIN to his bank ATM and the shot the drummer in the head like cattle and burned him up like a barbecue in texas in the home. This was repeated with muslim butchers in england seeing a british army band member crossing a street and they ram him and he went flying down the street and they got out of their car and butcher the BRITISH SOLIDER in the street as road kill shouting muslim words like the LAST KING OF SCOTLAND. in roseville and england the muslims attacked band members and killed them for no reason other then LUST!!! immigration is a threat to the USA and state of MI…

News article:

Spotlight on the News: The future of Immigration, veterans & the voters

WXYZ Detroit – On Sunday, November 20, Spotlight will discuss the future of immigration, veterans and the voters. Why are  emotions so high and so low and what can we as a nation do about it?  Our guests will include:
Steve Tobocmam, Executive Director, Global Detroit and Joy Calloway, CEO, New Center Community Services.

Spotlight on the News, now in its 51st season, is Michigan’s longest-running weekly news and public affairs television program.  It airs every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. on WXYZ-TV/Channel 7 in Detroit and 2:30 p.m. on 23.1 WKAR-HD in East Lansing and 6 p.m. on 23.2 WKAR World.



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