November 20, 2016

James Otto:

fieger represented NATE ABRAHAM, who was 11 yo when he shot a man walking into a store. He said there is not way he can be convicted since he has NO CONSCIOUS. nate went to trial at 13 yo. He is a child. I wonder if this child can be removed or only go to therapy and get a certificate of no threat to the school. U of M, office of the president letter in the student newspaper. A third year student was caught DUI and two weeks later he beat up another university girl and left her in his apartment thinking she was near death or knocked out. He went to the girls car and beat it with a crow bar. THe university president said in the letter: That this 3rd year business student is NO THREAT to STUDENT BODY, and will continue at the university taking classes and will GRADUATE(guarantee). To understand education how is this kid going to be TREATED and removed from the school forever!!! Primal fears: multilation and abandonment. NO FEAR AT U of M and NO WAY you can convict nate !!! forced therapy and return to school is that reasonable?

News article:

Royal Oak Middle School student removed after admitting to hanging noose in bathroom

ROYAL OAK, Mich. (WXYZ) – A Royal Oak middle school student has been removed from the school after admitting to hanging a noose from the boys’ bathroom on Friday.

Administrators discovered the noose hanging from the third floor bathroom after a commotion on Friday.

Royal Oak Schools superintendent Shawn Lewis-Lakin released this statement:

“At Royal Oak Schools, the safety of our students is our number one priority. An investigation by school personnel and the Royal Oak Police Department has identified a Royal Oak Middle School student who admitted to placing a noose inside the middle school bathroom on Friday. Effective immediately, the student responsible for the noose has been removed from the middle school until further notice. All relevant school policies and procedures are being followed and enforced. The Royal Oak Police investigation into this matter is continuing.


“At Royal Oak Schools, we will not tolerate intimidation, threats, harassment or bullying. Tomorrow, the middle school principal and I will conduct meetings with each grade at the middle school to reiterate and reinforce our school’s strict policies on intimidation, threats, harassment and bullying. We will remind our students that inappropriate words or actions will be taken seriously and carry serious consequences. We will also have additional counselors and social workers to support students affected by this incident. We will be deploying an additional school safety officer to our middle school as well.


“I am encouraging our dedicated staff, our students and our families to join me in wearing spirit wear and our school colors on Tuesday to demonstrate our continued commitment to working together as one community to ensure a positive, inclusive learning environment for all students.”

The incident happened nearly two weeks after students were caught chanting “build the wall” in a video that sparked outrage across Metro Detroit.



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