November 22, 2016

James Otto:

wow, just like middle class mitt’s daddy who was brain washed and failed getting the presidency. CARSON is notorious for his middle school years with the KNIVES. It is like in middle school this career army vet and GI bill and as a science teacher said what he does is drive around and purchase all apartments near schools like a HUD boss? Since, in that era there was going to be very shortly massive relocation of black girl and man to the NORTH to VOTE and OCCUPY SCHOOLS! This was federally mediated BUSING to balance percentages and no citizens can live in their community of his choice and go to local schools… THE SCHOOLS are assigned bye the SOVIET FEDS and they bused across town causing a massive EXODUS. Now the people were fleeing the CARSON KNIVES and today he will be MITT’s DADDY’s HISTORY…. mitt’s daddy went through a childhood massacre of his COMMUNITY. and this massive immigration north bye illegals is just like in the past the black girl and man to the cities like 68 tet and black power mexican olympics.

News article:

Report: President-elect Trump offers Ben Carson job as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

NEW YORK (AP) – President-elect Donald Trump has formally offered retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson the position of secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

That’s according to a person familiar with the offer who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the person was not authorized to discuss the deliberations publicly.

Carson had previously said he was not interested in serving in Trump’s administration.

But his business manager Armstrong Williams says Carson has always maintained he’d be open to considering a senior role in the administration if Trump convinced him there was no one else for the job.

Williams says Carson was especially intrigued by the HUD position after being floated as a potential secretary of education or health and human services.

Carson will consider the offer over Thanksgiving.

Trump tweeted about Carson Tuesday, saying he was “seriously considering” him for the post and praising him as “a greatly talented person who loves people!”



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