November 25, 2016

James Otto:

PEACE? we know DYLAN got the nobel peace prize! Now he can go to court and stand for the charges? Yet if this whole world is getting you down you CLIMB UP ON THE ROOF!!! (jamestaylor) like general taylor did in manifest destiny of president POLK to send KING JAMES bible general taylor to mexico city to unite the usa from pond to pond bye FORCE. this is being done in reverse bye the cults to unite the country like 68 tet in nam…. bringing black girl and man to the cities to kill the POLICE and destroy the governors or leaders enforcement of law. that is why trump made the south carolina governor the UN ambassador since in nam the UN was present with various countries to fight the communists. Since, the illegals are coming to fight the governor’s police which prevent there business sales of illegal goods. Never forget those armories in DC and the million man muslim march on DC coming. HANDS UP and DO NOT SHOOT and they are unarmed and coming to hidden armories… the capital falls… EVERY WONDEr why in 68 tet civil war in the usa, WHY DID MI MOVED IT CAPITAL to lansing behind a wall of farmers!!! the CAPITAL was a few hundred yards from WINDSOR!!!… SO SIMPLE TO CONQUER with coleman young communists…. note the hudson building supported the USA flag made of cotton and it was removed for ever under communist coleman young…and HUDSON’s was blown up!!!! HUDSON VALLEY WEST POINT!!! gone….

News article:

Judge: Defendant Dylann Roof competent to stand trial in church shooting

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) – A judge has ruled that Dylann Roof is competent to stand trial for the killing of nine black worshippers at a South Carolina church.

Judge Richard Gergel made the ruling Friday after a two-day hearing behind closed doors earlier this week. The hearing was needed after Roof’s attorneys questioned earlier this month whether he could help them on the eve of jury selection in his death penalty trial.

Gergel says jury selection will begin Monday.

Gergel sealed his reasons for finding Roof competent, saying that information could keep him from having a fair trial.

The 22-year-old white man is charged in federal court with hate crime, obstruction of religion and other counts for the deadly June 2015 attack at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston.


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