November 25, 2016

James Otto:

collin rose is charged!!! we know colin chapter 7 K and his removal of the usa flag and anthem mandates. Our history recognizes the transformation of the communist africans to Muslims… most times it occurs in prison like the cornerstones. The leader of black p stone rangers in chicago was put in jail for stealing federal funds for training the community to get jobs. In federal jail he learned that the wire taps that convicted him could not have been used if he converted to MUSLIM. Since the muslim religion, the feds can not wire tap and get evidence on a religion. SO the leader got out and now a MUSLIM rather then a coleman young communists. Then the muslim libya ambassador paid him 3 million dollars to burn down the communication infrastructure chicago. He purchased vans and large tanks and went to gas stations and broke open the ground tank filler port and shoved down hose with pumps and filled the tanks with gas and went to the central communication area and flooded the wires in tunnels with gasoline and burned the communication network. THIS WAS THE TRANSITION from communists to MUSLIM, or colin powell, colin chapter 7 k, colin rose saying first we cut off communication and then go in and KILL THEM!!! This is usa history, too… in the barbary coast wars, the british government would not allow usa ships to fly the british flag anymore. Once the flag was seen, like colin chapter 7 K saw he could then board and destroy the ship and take the goods and kill all the players-sailors and make slaves… As you know britain always protects its labor interest- the muslim, communist, african labor. we only in symbol had CAESAR across the barbary coast in vegas for decades… once tom jefferson build that massive navy to fly the flag that colin chapter 7 K wants removed and anthem silent because colin is under the BRITISH FLAG… like the judge of kwame said not to leave his country and he went to WINDSOR, the queens house. DEEPER EVIL… like ike will not trade with cuba and canada has it as a business and vacation spot… THE TRANSITION FROM COMMUNIST COLEMAN YOUNG TO MUSLIM is the theme today.. know your ENEMY!!!

News article:

Man arraigned on murder charges in death of Wayne State University police officer

(WXYZ) – The man accused of the shooting that led to the death of Wayne State Police Officer Collin Rose has been arraigned, and is now being held without bond.

DeAngelo Davis, 31, is being charged with six separate charges including first degree murder, and murder of a police officer or corrections officer.

On Friday Davis went before a judge in the 34th District Court by teleconference. He rarely spoke unless asked direct questions by the judge. Davis confirmed that he understood the charges he faces, and that he did not have a job.

The Wayne State Police Chief, and Officer Rose’s direct supervisor, were among the handful of people who attended the arraignment hearing on Friday.

Chief Anthony Holt talked about the shooting after the hearing. He said that it wasn’t only important to be in attendance, it was crucial.

“We want to be here to watch the steps of justice unfold,” said Chief Holt.

Holt said that the death of Officer Rose has hit the department especially hard, but noted that it was clear it affected the community and people across the country as well. He said they’ve received countless phone calls, text messages and letters from throughout the country – at least one from outside of the country.

He noted that a group from a homeless shelter located on campus even approached him.

“I’d never had that happen,” said Chief Holt. “(They) came into the station in tears and asked: ‘What can we do?’”

It’s that type of outpouring of support that is reminding Rose’s family, friend and co-workers what type of man they have lost. Holt said you can’t teach the type of stuff in the police academy that Rose did. He said it wasn’t unusual for Rose to be chasing a bad guy one second, and then stop on his way back to the police station to help someone change a tire.

7 Action News learned from Lieutenant Patrick Saunders that Rose’s parents returned home to Rose’s hometown of Richland, Michigan this week. He noted that earlier in the day Rose’s mother said that the support is just as strong there.

“They told me when they rolled into town Thanksgiving morning all the lights int eh town were blue,” said Lt. Saunders. The town has wrapped their arms around them. We’ve wrapped our arms around them.”

Rose worked with two different dogs as a K9 officer. One of them, a highly trained sniffer dog named Wolverine, is currently being taken care of by another Wayne State K9 officer. Rose’s other dog, Clyde, is being taken care of by Rose’s family at this time.

Rose’s fiancée also worked with the dogs. Chief Holt commented that she was like a member of the force, making the transition that much harder.

While there has been a large outpouring of support – Lt. Saunders said that one more thing could help the family more than anything.

“His mom was extremely proud that he was about to finish his Master’s Degree,” said Lt. Saunders. “My understanding is the university is going to be granting him a Master’s degree. My understanding is the university is going to be granting him a Master’s degree. I think right now that is the most important thing to her. It’s really special to her.”

As for Davis, 7 Action News reached out to his mother whom has previously discussed her son. She said she did not want to react to the charges that have been brought against her son since her last time speaking, but noted that she has not yet been able to see her son. She was hoping that would change later today.

Davis is being held at the Wayne County jail. He will be back in court on December 9th for a pre-trial conference hearing. He has a preliminary hearing scheduled for a week later.

Detroit Police are still investigating at this time.

The Wayne State Police Chief noted that he believes that Detroit Police are still looking for the gun involved in the crime, but Lt. Charles Clark with the Detroit homicide unit would not confirm that information.




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