November 25, 2016

James Otto:

gold mining is digging up the earth and water flush it and destroys the land. yet gold is every where in the land. If you take the earth and treat it and precipitate the gold out in a chemicals you can extract the gold in is in the dirt. the chemicals destroy the earth. it is like hannibal homeland was detroying rome for a rome sent an army and destroyed hannibals homeland and covered it in SALT so that nothing will grow.. that is what these companies are doing to highland area where the people flee once the shores are invaded. that is why in the winter we cover our land roads in salt so nothing will grow. while in canada they use SAND!!! up north it is sandhurst watching us kill our farm land.. and then invasion….

News article:

Obama Does More To Protect The Planet Before He Leaves Office

President Barack Obama is on a mission to save the planet.

OK, maybe not the whole planet, but he definitely wants to save as much land as he can before his term is up. On Monday, his administration banned gold mining on about 30,000 acres near Yellowstone National Park.

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This is just the latest in a long series of environmental protection efforts from the president.

In August, the administration designated what was, at the time, the largest marine protected area on the planet in the Hawaiian islands.

The month after, the administration created the Atlantic Ocean’s first U.S. marine monument. Oil drilling and most commercial fishing will be banned in the area.

SEE MORE: A Giant Stretch Of Sea Near Antarctica Is Now Universally Protected

And in mid-November, Obama canceled 25 oil and gas leases in western Colorado.

Some speculate that the spike in federal protections is due, at least in part, to Donald Trump and his campaign for presidency.

Trump made his stances on environmental protection pretty clear throughout the campaign cycle, and they don’t exactly align with the current administration’s views.

Aside from calling climate change a “hoax,” Trump has pledged to open onshore and offshore leasing for coal and shale energy and has said he plans to “encourage the use of natural gas.”




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