November 28, 2016

James Otto:

mall of america, compare the attack of the uniform somali (MN) and his chase and attack on customers. KNowing in somalia they trained soldiers and sent them to a kenya mall and they doing affirmative action business purchase a store and brought the weapons and then shot up the mall. SOMALI’s were placed in MN and they now have the first muslim congressman from WSU and the state is number one in companion abuse and it is the TRUE U of M!!!! TILL had his face bash in and the WSU 2nd year student just beat a new college graduate girl and threw her on her car and said to her that he is going to his car to get a crow bar and beat her face in like TILL… these are future business students of the DOJ and like the OSU student they are sick and tired of muslims being ATTACKED… store purchased to be used as ARMORIES…BUSINESS!!!! know your enemy as the DOJ? they place these people so the governor has to pay for abuse… look at the abuse of this somali at OSU… DO IT LIKE IN BRITAIN, hit and butcher!!!! a british soldier. in britain butcher and the two muslims were capture alive and went to court…. AT OSU they shot him and the OHIO government tax payers will pay!!! reporter asked, did the white cop like british soldiers ask the african muslim to stop and surrender? HE JUST SHOT!!!! OHIO WILL PAY for abuse under this anger of 3rd year business students…

News article:

Ohio State student describes scene of attack on campus

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio State student Austin Cool was walking to work Monday morning when he saw two fire trucks and police car near Watts Hall.

Thinking it was a fire drill, he just kept walking.

Then, he heard screaming.

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“I saw this black guy with a blue sweater vest kind of thing running at people with what looked like a kitchen knife,” Cool told News 5. “I saw him slash someone on the arm. He got someone else on the leg, I think. He fell down in the street.”

Cool said he turned around and saw a police officer ordering the suspect to drop the knife.

“He had a gun drawn on the guy and he told him at least twice to put the knife down and when he didn’t, he shot him like at least four times,” the junior said. “And then, the cops and the fire and the police department started clearing everybody in the area, telling them to get inside.”

Cool said he considered taking off his backpack to use it as a weapon if the suspect got close to him, but he was able to run away.

“When it actually happens here, it’s a reality check. It can happen anytime, anywhere. I’m just thankful we have the campus police that we do.”



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