November 30, 2016

James Otto:

When you remember OLIVER coming in as the highest price search for a chief ever of any city paid to get the best!!, He puts in jail 8 cops who were harassing the SW DETROIT GANGS in federal court for civil rights violation. When 911 happen the federal judge threw out the case as no case, along with mcnamara when granholm put him in federal court for refusing or discrimination against a lowest bid muslim business who wanted all of DTW supplies services. Then oliver went into DTW with a loaded handgun in his suit coat, it had the serial number tampered and oliver did not have a license to carry a gun and was a business man CHIEF. Mcnamara ruled DTW and they got OLIVER to resign and leave he went to arizona to be license chief in arizona. Oliver was carrying a gun not registered to him, tapered with and loaded on a plane… GANGS exist if there leaders in the police who are in conflct? Now they attack police like 68 tet in nam. This is the same side as the dude who put all the graffiti on buildings, too? and was arrested and put in jail. like the african wilding in central park at night. Then when the first african mayor was elected GENERAL DINKINS the gangs went into central park during the DAY as a fair was in the park and the 5 man attack groups went wilding stabbing whites fair goers with knives like CARSOn and infected needles with HIV…. WHEN a TOP boss gets inside they DO DAY LIGHT ATTACKS!!!! the people elected dinkins because of the night african wilding… but it went DAY TIME>>>> now the gangs are DAY TIME… NYC DINKINS…. day time attacks DETROIT!~~~

News article:

Detroit police release pictures of suspect wanted for shooting at officers

DETROIT (WXYZ) – Detroit police have released surveillance pictures of a suspect and vehicle they are searching for in relation to a man opening fire on their officers.

Police have recovered a weapon but are still looking for the suspect who shot at officers, and two other men.

The incident happened in the area of E. State Fair on the city’s west side.

Officers were responding to reports of a gunman walking the street, when they heard shots and located the scene.

Officer says the gunman turned on them, firing 8 to 10 rounds, according to Chief James Craig.

Its believed a drug turf war may have led to the situation.

One man was taken into custody at the scene, related to the narcotics situation. But he was not the shooter.

The shooter, who was with two other men at the time, remains at large. He is described as an African American man, wearing all black, with a white t-shirt underneath his jacket.

The car police are searching for is described as an older gray 4 door Chrysler.

No one was hurt.



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