November 30, 2016

James Otto:

team training? we know masalmani and taylor a recent muslim immigrant who came for free surgery and he team up with the african taylor. We know the muslim followed a blonde female into a bank and tried to rob it with a weapon to the head of the CUSTOMER and she fainted and he fled the bank and then taylor and Masalmani waited outside a SUB place and kidnapped a DRUMMER like the british band soldier and put him in his trunk of his car and took him to a home in detroit and SHOT him in the head like the WSU cop and barbecue him in the home. We know like at OSU the subs are OHIO CLASS and the drummer had two subs like MI and OH? so they initially team up, but they split apart when needed. So the WSU cop was killed bye a lone african lets say TAYLOR and the muslim then followed students and ran his car which is considered a BULLET into the customers of OSU and they got out and butchered them like the british soldier. So the muslim did it in the OHIO CLASS sub level? FOLLOW and SHOOT and then butcher… the african just lured out the WSU cop and shot. Note: OSU has an african president and police chief and WSU has an african president and police chief. It was like twins in training that we saw on 10 mile in roseville at the sub shop in the past!!! These are TEENS just like the SOMALI at OSU. THE two locations is just like the teens working together to NAIL and DRUMMER of a band like in britain…. INTERNATIONAL training in domestic markets in MI and OH…. believe it or not!!!

News article:

FBI investigating ties between Ohio State attacker and ISIS

In a press conference on Wednesday, the FBI confirmed that a man who injured people in a knife attack on the campus of Ohio State University on Monday was likely inspired by ISIS.

According to Special Agent Angela Byers of the FBI’s Cincinnati division, confirmed rumors that Abdul Razak Ali Artan “may have been inspired by ISIS” before he stabbed 11 people at the Columbus campus on Monday.

However, Byers stopped short of declaring the act terrorism, saying that there was a “long way to go in the investigation.”

While ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack, Byers cautioned that it was still too early to confirm the group was actually behind the stabbings.

“They have been known to take credit for attacks like these when the attacker is deceased and cannot refute that,” she said.

Artan, a Somali refugee who arrived in the United States via Pakistan, was likely drawn to ISIS through the teachings of Anwar al-Awlaki, an Islamic imam born in the United States that preached jihad to Islamic extremists around the world. al-Awlaki was killed in 2011, but videos of his speeches were believed to have inspired the Boston Marathon bombers in 2013, the Pulse nightclub shooter in June.

Byers also addressed rumors that Artan took to social media to express his anger as a Muslim in America. She said the FBI is attempting to authenticate the posts.

Columbus police also announced that the were opening a criminal investigation into the officer that shot and killed Artan, which is standard procedure in a police-involved shooting.



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