November 30, 2016

James Otto:

pcp angel!!! mayor of detroit activated the night bus service and look at the attack. It is like the new bethel church with the new african republic inside and they called the police and when officer MIKE arrived they shot him DEAD!!!! then kwame had a sheriff come to his sisters home and kwame attacked him and broke his hip down the street from the new bethel church. service provided and then the service is ATTACKED. just like the WSU cops…

News article:

Wounded man arrested, accused of stabbing woman and DDOT bus driver

DETROIT (WXYZ) – A Detroit man went on the attack at a gas station last night, targeting women and assaulting a DDOT bus driver.

Investigators stayed on scene for several hours Tuesday night, trying to figure out this wild crime scene.

We’re told a 34-year-old went crazy, punching different women at a gas station on McNichols on the city’s west side.

Someone then fired a gun, hitting the suspect in the foot. That suspect then turned around and stabbed a woman in the neck.

Sources tell 7 Action News a man tried to board a nearby DDOT bus, but the driver refused to let him on.

They say the guy crashed through the doors, stabbing the bus driver in the face, before another man on the bus held that attacker down until officers arrived on scene.

The suspect was arrested, and the other victims were taken to the hospital for treatment.


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